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Customs clearance

Hello welcome you with us .. customs regulations today at the level of most of the world standardized systems, after the famous GATT and that the result was to create a “WTO” the World Trade Organization that aimed to unify tariffs and customs regulations at the international level, if the import and export are similar in terms of laws and regulations in the majority of countries in the world, which means that if you studied the customs regulations in your country prepares you to work in this area in any country in the world.
The customs clearance process are documentary process in the first place in the import or export both documents are similar to a lot in the customs clearance of the issued and contained, but after completing the purchase and shipping successfully deal to be the existence of these documents to rid the shipment when it arrives, and these documents are based more on the resource that purchased goods and some depends on you as a imported and if you wish to take the duty to consult and Maitalq Bahnatkm please do not hesitate to communicate with us and we will be happy to do so.

Import Instructions

Importers are kindly required to present the following documents prior to import:

  • A commercial invoice
  • A bill of lading
  • A certificate of origin ( unnecessary in case the country of origin was clearly established)

The importer is also required to present all the necessary documents depending on the nature of the imported goods, for example:

  • Obtaining an IECEE certificate for goods that require this certificate.
  • Registration of products with the concerned parties if necessary.

To check whether there are conditions specific to each product, you are kindly asked to search for the product that you are looking to import and check which conditions apply with the help of the Customs Tariff (from here) or by consulting your customs broker.

Importers are also required to complete (Fasah) clearing procedures by presenting the necessary documents and completing the customs declaration form at least 48 hours prior to the arrival of the shipment at the port of entry.

They have the chance to present the data directly or with the help of a customs broker as soon as the necessary documents are available, within 48 hours prior to the arrival of the shipment through (Fasah) platform available on the following website: http://www.fasah.sa which allows the importer to track the shipment in Customs or before its arrival as soon as the customs declaration form is completed, as well as receive instant notifications.

Steps customs clearance

The first step: registering the customs authority and after the arrival of the container or containers tanker to the port is to start unloading the container and take it day-to-day work of the maximum of the second step: The Savior withdraw the delivery of the shipping agent permission after the payment of wages owed to the agent navigational Step Three: The Savior provided customs declaration accompanied by all the required documents step four: the sectional competent customs sends the customs inspector to inspect the item and valued Kzawh fifth: if She needed commodity to the approval of the offer views of the previewer customs take a sample and send it to the supply side step six: the payment of customs duties and fees ports and all other expenses, if any step seven: The Savior of receipt card then load the container and the container is loaded and passed through radiation detection to allow the release of the container and delivered to stores client. These steps take between five to seven working days if the shipment is normal and did not fall offenses, with the exception of fresh fruit and vegetables is up a two-day clearance process work. In fact, customs clearance process has become smoother and easier these days because of the developments that we are witnessing.

Do not hesitate to consult a customs broker

Look for a customs sincere trust to be consulted in the required documents and the type of contract with the supplier best suited find out every detail about the customs clearance process. – Calculate the costs of customs clearance properly by asking the customs broker for duties on imported item you would like and what the cost of the fees and expenses of the offer, detection and so on until Ataatvajo costs were not taken into account. – Make sure that the supplier will provide you the full documents for customs clearance and that before contracting the product because the documents are ranked first in terms of importance, which is in the bill – a statement packing – the bill of lading – Certificate of Origin – and a certificate of quality. Health certificate . Steaming or others that it is needed by the imported commodity and better than consult in this case, is the customs broker. – Continued shipment by the shipping agent for the follow-up shipment by the shipping agent gives you the opportunity to become ready for the process of customs clearance upon arrival of the shipment.

Our Achievements

Happy you are one of our partners in success and please do not hesitate to contact us and inquire about all that interests you and we will put your hands all Maldina expertise and consulting in regards to customs clearance and consulting, export and international shipping and customs services. Foundation provides services to the business sector through specialization in Customs work …

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We are pleased to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to all the customers who have been credited to our success and their cooperation with them and provide an opportunity for the group to provide them with a bouquet of services and gratitude and thanks go to His Excellency the Director General of Customs and all customs officers, and thank committee clearance for its quest for the betterment of the profession of customs clearance.